from dallas to dubai

I’m the American-born daughter of Indian immigrants, and I grew up in small-town Texas. I’ve never quite fit the mold – American or Indian. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to journalism; the entire exercise is to talk to people, get a sense of their stories and who they are, and share them with other people.

I now live in the U.A.E. as a freelance journalist based in Dubai, writing for international publications including TIME magazine, The New York Times and Institutional Investor magazine. I worked for The Dallas Morning News until late 2008, but newspaper cutbacks and a teetering U.S. economy encouraged me to make the leap to the one place on earth that still had some money: the Persian Gulf.

Being my own boss has also allowed me to the flexibility to take full advantage of being a foreign correspondent. In the last year alone I’ve traveled to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India, Spain, Hong Kong, Cairo and Thailand. (And home to League City, Texas, too, of course.)

Parallel Universe is my blog about living and working in the Gulf, experiences strange and familiar. Thanks for reading and please stay in touch:

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1 thought on “from dallas to dubai”

  1. Nice report. With the support of the EDS Evaluation that I shared with you, investors are looking at B-System with open minds. I did locate investors. Yet, SJ’s report was about a partnership formed with a software developer located in Arlington. Will have this thing funded by the end of January.

    Thanks for your interest and hard work.

    Ray de Beasley

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