I’m the American-born daughter of Indian immigrants, and I grew up in small-town Texas. I’ve never quite fit the mold – American or Indian. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to journalism; the entire exercise is to talk to people, get a sense of their stories and who they are, and share them with other people.

I have traveled on my own since my mid-teens, first, in Europe and America, and eventually to many parts of the globe. I started this blog and called it “Parallel Universe” nearly 10 (!!) years ago when I moved from Dallas to Dubai, where I was a freelance foreign correspondent writing for international publications including TIME magazine, The New York Times and Institutional Investor magazine. I had worked for The Dallas Morning News until late 2008, but newspaper cutbacks meant my chance to be sent overseas as a foreign correspondent were slim. So, I decided to make my own way.

Back then, the idea was to write about a place that striving for a place among the community of modern societies while also staying true to its traditions and culture. These objectives, as you can imagine, sometimes clashed. I was there for nearly five years. I took my office on the road as much as I wanted: those places included Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India, Spain, Paris, Hong Kong, Cairo, Tanzania, Kenya, and Thailand.

What was once christened “Parallel Universe” more than a decade ago when I moved from Dallas to Dubai became “Postcards from the Bayou” when I moved back to Houston, my hometown, six years ago. A few months ago an unexpected opportunity came up to, this time, head West — to California. So begins another chapter in this blog, which I’ve given the working title “Vista Angeles.”

Circles Under Her Feet refers to a Gujarati saying that essentially means someone like me, constantly moving with a pretty healthy wanderlust and curiosity for all things in this amazing world of ours. I suppose the English equivalent is, She doesn’t sit still.

Thanks for reading and please stay in touch: angela.shah@gmail.com

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One thought on “Circles Under Her Feet

  1. Nice report. With the support of the EDS Evaluation that I shared with you, investors are looking at B-System with open minds. I did locate investors. Yet, SJ’s report was about a partnership formed with a software developer located in Arlington. Will have this thing funded by the end of January.

    Thanks for your interest and hard work.

    Ray de Beasley

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