It is probably heresy, but truth is truth. The best meal I’ve had in Paris so far has been Mexican.

I’m serious. A day later, I’m still drooling. Please meet Candelaria, a closet of a restaurant in the Marais, and the home of beautifully tasty tacos and tostadas and margaritas. We will be back.

Welcome to tasty goodness. Candelaria in Paris’ Marais

The menu is simple: two kinds of tacos, a tostada and a choice of entrées between frijoles and guacamole.

el menú

We settled on tacos de hongas and del alambre. (A second set of alambre was drizzled with queso fundido.) And we also got a tostada de queso fresco. Combine with a couple of freezing cold Bohemias and a margarita, whose glass rim was smeared with cayenne.

tostada con queso fresco = YUM!

Margarita extraordinaire