Two years ago today, I walked away from a steady paycheck and went out into the wild world of freelancing. I didn’t set out to resign on the Fourth of July, it just happened that it was on a Thursday that year and Thursdays are the Fridays of the workweek in this part of the world. But when I noticed the date that morning, I liked the additional message it gave my resignation. Freedom.

It’s been a remarkable two years. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get enough freelance work to cover the bills. I pared everything back to the essentials and calculated how many months my savings would cover my bills if I didn’t have anything coming in. But friends and contacts connected me to editors looking for writers and offered me invaluable advice on their experiences setting out on their own. (I usually just use initials on this blog but, thank you, Leah Reiter Oberjuerge, Michael Lindenberger, Christy Van Dusen Fennessy, Katherine Reynolds Lewis and Seema Mathur. Each of you helped me with contacts and/or advice just as I was taking this leap. And I am grateful to you.)

At that time, I wrote about the need to tack, the need to follow a zig zag course, rather than a straight line toward achieving a goal. My friend, David Dillon, who passed away two years ago, often used this sailing metaphor, encouraging me to find the way to my goals through the more unorthodox path. And, wow, talk about taking the alternate road.

And now, I think it’s time to tack again. Stay tuned!

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