I returned to Afghanistan last week to tie up some loose reporting ends from my trip in January, and also, to work on a couple of new features. The potential for mayhem aside, I really enjoy visiting Afghanistan. While I still remained largely in a security bubble, this time I was able to wander out a bit to ISAF and Camp Eggers, both of which are near the villa in which I stayed and within the “Ring of Steel” that surrounds Kabul’s Green Zone. Whatever your feelings about the American presence in Afghanistan, the people I met, both military and civilian, genuinely hope their work there will in some way make life better for everyday Afghans. I hope to soon introduce you to a few of them, and also some interesting and enterprising Afghans I met during my trip. And Level Red alerts aside, daytime temperatures in the 70s, clear blue skies and cool evenings provided a wonderful respite from the 100-plus humidity of Dubai.

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