I hit a milestone birthday this year, the ripe old age of  … cough, cough … . It hasn’t driven me to some existential crisis but it does get you thinking, about the past and where you thought you’d be, the present, and what might be in the future.

I certainly never would have guessed that today I’d be writing this as a freelance journalist living in Dubai. But I’m convinced all these roads-I-didn’t-know-I’d-travel have enriched my life and, in ways I’d never expected, have spurred me even more to follow my dreams as a writer.

Today’s guest blog post is related to this. J.B. has finally started his blog, “Mise en Place.” And, like the journalist he is, he’s got big news in the first entry: This summer he’s headed to Europe to learn from Michelin-starred chefs in two stages, food-speak for unpaid internship. Please take a look at the blog, and, if you can, support him along this journey.

Changing careers, working for free at our age?! Emphatically, yes. He’s a great cook – believe me, I’m having to add miles to my workout for a reason – and I know he will thrive among his new food tribe, create wonderful and tasty food, and realize his dreams.

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