Part 1 of 4

One of the reasons I moved to Dubai was to be closer to India. Growing up in Texas, India was a full 24-hour plane ride away and schedules often made it difficult to carve out the minimum of three weeks we would need in order to make the journey worthwhile. When I started working, the usual starting vacation allotment of two weeks made it basically impossible to think about traveling so far.

In the last year I’ve been able to visit the subcontinent three times. In August 2010, I went to Sri Lanka for the first time. A few months later, my cousin, N.G., and I took a trip through Kerala, in south India, and we also visited Delhi, and Agra, where our grandmother lives.

I went to Delhi in November 2010 nearly 18 years after I first – and last – visited the Indian capital. Here are some pictures from that weekend of mostly new Delhi: Connaught Place, India Gate and the surrounding neighborhood. We also spent a beautiful winter’s afternoon exploring Lodhi Gardens in the south of the city.

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