Saw this post from fellow blogger-in-the-Gulf Andy In Oman and just had to share. Since, I’ve been in India the last two weeks I haven’t seen any TV ads or movie posters from the Shrek spinoff, but apparently “Puss” was just a little too much for the Gulf censors to swallow.

The UK’s The Guardian newspaper writes that officials at the Doha Tribecca Film Festival last month also urged Antonio Banderas, who voices the feline character, not to refer to the original title during interviews there promoting the movie. The story says it’s not the first time Hollywood has fun afoul of Gulf sensitivities.
(via 7days)
“The change in title reflects edits made to previous films deemed to conflict with the UAE’s moral values. Sex and nudity are taboo, as is any attempt to depict a holy power on screen. This resulted, according to Time Out Dubai, in a cut of Bruce Almighty – a comedy in which a man meets God and is granted omnipotence – notable for the complete absence of Morgan Freeman as the heavenly father. Similarly, Sex and the City was stripped of its sex scenes and subsequently never shown in the Middle East. It was rumoured that the popular franchise would have been renamed ‘Shoes and the City’ had it been released.”

2 thoughts on “A rose by any other name …

  1. I found this REALLY stupid. I mean, I wasn’t even thinking about anything untoward before they changed the name. Now everytime I see this poster I think of what they DON’T want me to think about!!!

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