One of the nice things about living overseas is the ability to divorce myself from the insane reality-TV, infotainment BS scene that so dominates popular culture back home. Sure, old seasons of shows are on cable networks here. Through Twitter and Facebook, I will hear about an episode of something, see the buzz on OMG-can-you-believe-she-did-that? But it’s all distant in the way I imagine people 100 or 200 years ago reacted to news they received in a letter that took months for them to receive.

Occasionally this distance gets shattered. Some English soccer player who’s cheated on his wife flees gray English skies to frolic on the beach with his girlfriend. Paris Hilton searches for her new Khaleeji best friend. Today, Kim Kardashian came into Dubai and, God, help us, Twitter went crazy. Thankfully, toward the end of the day, the snarks came out, my favorite being from Maral Ghanma, a.k.a. @StatusInBeirut:

Maral Ghanma

@StatusInBeirutMaral Ghanma
Dubai is a hotbed of promiscuity, money, bling and shallowness. So it’s not so surprising when Kim Kardashian says it “feels like home.”


Oh, before you get all huffy, it’s a joke! And, well, sometimes the truth hurts. More tweets below …


Bnt_Saqer R♥
RT @RodhaSaeed: The fuss over #kimkardashian is pathetic Wake me when it’s over
Mneera Al Mureikhi
MneeraSaeed Mneera Al Mureikhi
VERY RT @RodhaSaeed: The fuss over #kimkardashian is pathetic Wake me when it’s over
Muggie7 Mugren
It’s sickening how so many people are flying to Dubai this weekend, just to see an airhead bimbo. #KimKardashian
Genevieve Corbett
Genebelieve Genevieve Corbett
Just heard a 50+ year old man in the doctor’s office talking about how much he likes #kimkardashian and the show. #welcometoamerica

One thought on “Surreality in Dubai

  1. I don’t think the 50+ year old man likes Kim and her show as much as he likes seeing Kim’s body on her show.

    Or maybe he’s just as vapid as she is.

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