Where have I been? Good question. Everything I’ve read about a successful blog says you should post regularly and often. I’ve been really amiss in that regard lately. It’s not that nothing has been going on. And it’s not, I have to admit, because I was overly busy with work. I just, for whatever reason, hit a wall in early August. Blog ideas that seemed interesting as I feel asleep no longer seemed worth your time the next morning.

And then about mid-month, I began traveling: Cairo, Thailand and then back home. I thought for sure these experiences in places new and old would inspire entries. And I wrote a few outlines – in my head. I felt bad when I called my cousin, R.G., for his birthday and he asked me why I haven’t written anything lately: “The whole family’s following your adventures in the blog.”

That was, I admit, nice to hear. In any case, I’m now back in Dubai, over the worst case of jet lag I’ve ever had (no sleep for six days) and am attempting this week to return to life as normal. Or as normal as it ever is. I appreciate your reading. Stand by. I promise I won’t be a stranger.

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