Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year. No, I’m not screwing up the calendar, confusing May with Christmas. I’m talking about summer in Dubai! Or as B.P. once termed it, “Broil.” (I think he was technically speaking about August in Dubai, but close enough.)

Woke up this morning to cool-ish air blowing through the air-conditioning vents. Coolish is lovely when you’re standing on the Juliette balcony of your rental apartment in San Sebatian, Spain, sipping tea and watching the world pass by underneath. It is not so lovely if you happen to live in the desert where the temperatures do not deign to dip below 100 from April through October.

J.B. went downstairs to find out what’s up and, sure enough, the entire building is sweltering – more so, depending on how high a floor you live on. (We live on the 34th floor.) Apparently, Palm Cooling, which provides the chilled water used to condition the air, just can’t keep up with demand. They literally don’t have the capacity, it seems, to provide enough cold water so that the air is actually cold. We didn’t have this problem last year at this time, so I’m thinking the new buildings that have opened up on JLT have strained the plant.

Now, one might say, “Well, that might’ve been a good thing to consider before you built all of these high-rises. Of course, they will all want to have regular and sufficiently cool AC.” Ha! Now you’re just being silly. That would be logical.

It’s not like you can build a chilling plant overnight and if this is a sign of things to come — temps here will reach 120F — I’m glad we’re moving. I just hope Palm can better cool that building. Cross your fingers for me!