Maybe it’s because I’m still thinking about the excellent event at The Fridge last night (more on this later) featuring some great local singers and bands and the poetry of two Arab women. (I only point out Arab because the subjects of the poems they read last night had Arab flavor.) I’m not a regular of poetry events – to be honest, as much as I love the written word, most poetry has eluded me. I’m not proud of this fact. I am glad that several friends, including DD and JB, have over the years introduced me to their favorites and I’m keen to know more.

In any case, that’s what was on the brain when DJ, also a keen reader of poetry, sent me the translated transcript of Gadhafi’s statement last night, pointing out the Libyan leader’s “poetic” touch. I can only imagine the reaction of the White House as they listened to this, but doesn’t it read like some absurd attempt at a poetry reading? It’s like a caricature of what those ladies do so well.

Anyway, my random thought for the day. Take a read; let me know what you think.


In front of the whole world.

And you are – showing to the world that all Libyans, they are against cowardness.

They need the truth.

Revealed to the world, look at Libya, and they are looking for the freedoms.

They are tired of being prisoners.

Libya is looking for freedom. For liberty. We – Libya needs to make their own decisions, the Libyans need freedom, they need their voices heard. When you say Libya, you mean Libya, not Lebanon, not Liberia, you mean Libyan.

At the U.N. in 2009 (Richard Drew/Associated Press)

All of the African countries look up to Libya. They – all look to Libya, to Benghazi, looking up to us. We are not going to put up with us being crashed in other radio and television stations. We are going to voice our desire. Moammar Gadhafi is over – Moammar Gadhafi needs to step down. We will sacrifice. We will sacrifice today. We will sacrifice forever.

This is our country. And we will not – we will stand, stand up for freedom. We are – okay. We are very – we are very, very tired of being portrayed as people who do not have any freedom. We are just going to stand up for it. We are going to fight for it. We all, all are saying one word. We are brave.

We are – we have even overcome America, America who is strong. The other countries who are very strong and have nuclear weapons. We overcome many countries, we are very strong, as people, as countries. We are honorable people. And we will – it’s not just Benghazi, it is not just an isolated city. All of the cities in Libya, all of us, we are coming together to vote that this is or country and we are willing to sacrifice for our country.

Also are looking to us. We are very powerful. We are not going to be feared of any threats. We are representing all cities, all images, all businesses in Libya. And Libya is the leader of African countries, the leader of the whole world, the leader of America. And we are not scared of any cats or any rats or any cowards, we are going to stand strong.

My grandfather is (inaudible), he was one of the – among the very first witnesses who died for this country. I will not allow this to continue. If I have to sacrifice for this, I am brave and we are brave and we will continue. We will come together as one people. I have many relatives worldwide, for this country – and we have shed blood for our country.

And Saddam said liberty is like a tree. (Inaudible). And we have shed blood for our country. And we will –

4 thoughts on “Muammar Gadhafi, poet

  1. Funny how many psychotic dictators are failed artists, Staline was a failed poet, Hitler a failed painter,Mussolini a frustrated author, and you just need to look at your doorstep Angela to see who else thinks he is a great poet.

    I guess there is reason why dictators fear poets and artists more than anyone else. They know the power of art.

    Thanks for reminding us of this Angela.
    The Fridge? I guess it’s a name that appeals to people in the UAE 🙂

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