Last Saturday was both Diwali and the date of the annual Texas-OU game. Since I was unable to give up one or the other, it made for a hectic evening as I bounced between the two events. Here’s an essay I wrote about it for the Arts and Life section.

Texas OU in Dubai

About 50 people packed onto the patio of a hotel here in Dubai — the weather has cooled down just enough to make sitting outside bearable. The 11 a.m. kickoff in Dallas was 8 p.m. in the UAE, making for a festive Saturday night gathering. I had to leave at the half; I was invited to some friends’ house for Diwali and I didn’t want to ignore the holiday. Part of why I moved here was to immerse myself more fully in Indian cultural traditions. The ‘Horns were playing poorly but managed to squeak out a win.

Hook 'em!

One thought on “Orangeblood

  1. Angela,

    Oh the shame! Leaving at halftime! Has it all gone for naught, those four years in Austin? Tell me, how much more cultural immersive can you get than Texas-OU? Especially when you’re not in Dallas.

    And I thought you were a TRUE Longhorn. Oh the shame!


    PS – enjoy the updates

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