Hey, I’m 37. I ain’t married. According to Indian culture standards, I’m well on my way to spinsterhood. And then I read this story, published in The National yesterday. Huzzah, a solution! I have to admit, I admire the guy’s chutzpah. And he also provided me with the quote of the day:

(Salah Malkawi for The National)
(Salah Malkawi for The National)

Meet our matchmaker:
“He is hoping to make polygamous matchmaking a profitable business.
This year he began charging US$30 (Dh110) in application fees for men looking for additional wives. And while his society is not officially registered and does not have an office, he is trying to obtain a licence to operate out of a new building in eastern Amman that includes private suites with swimming pools for conservative religious couples to spend their honeymoons.
So far in his career, Mr al Ghanem has married off 217 men. Many of them, he said, when filling out their application will note what “qualities” they are looking for in a prospective additional wife.
‘Most men ask that a woman’s height be between 155cm and 170cm, and they want her to have a fair complexion and to be young,’ Mr al Ghanem said. ‘But I am against such conditions because I am looking to marry off women who have become spinsters. And I cannot promote something unless I have tried it myself. Three of my wives were spinsters when I married them and they are even not that pretty.‘ ”

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