Life in the new apartment has been progressing quite nicely. J has nearly completely unpacked his Brooklyn belongings – with perhaps, a small bit of encouragement from me – and the apartment is actually taking on a lived-in look. The mattress is gone from the dining area, paintings and prints are being hung on the walls. We actually sat in the living room last weekend and watched a DVD, sipping from glasses of wine. It was quite civilized.

One snag in this reverie, unfortunately, is that our third roommate has decided (again) that she is going to move out. Now, the three of us entered this lease as equal partners, so to my mind, you don’t just get out of the lease. Or you can but you have to still meet your rent obligation. But J and I don’t want to battle on this and we’ve been trying to find someone who’s willing to take the room. It is a great place and, if I do say so myself, we’re good people to live with. Here’s the ad copy J came up with:

“Spacious bedroom in a large 3-bedroom apartment – right at 3,000 square feet – available in Dubai’s JLT area. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom. Fully outfitted kitchen, which is the site of much culinary activity. Huge loft-style dining/living room area with amazing, full-wall views of the Marina and the gulf. Maid’s room, library/guestroom and two balconies. Rooftop complex includes pool, 2 Jacuzzis, a sauna and steam room and a gym, all included with the rent.
It is a great building and an even better apartment. 5,000 per month, plus maid’s fee, DEWA and du (TV and internet). Room is available furnished (outgoing person wants to sell her furniture, which is new) or unfurnished and can be yours immediately.”

Sounds great, right? A year ago, we would’ve had any number of takers. Summer is always a slow season in the UAE – many Emiratis and expats flee for cooler climes – but I’m concerned that the fall influx won’t be as large as usual. The economy here is still recovering; it doesn’t seem that the hiring pace of recent years will continue. And for those who are coming here, a glut of rental property means tenants are in the catbird’s seat. What I’m hoping to find is a professional, who likely travels a lot for work, who would want a place they don’t have to outfit. Just move in and crash. We’re sending out word to everyone we know. Cross your fingers!

In response to one of those missives, a friend in Dubai told us we were advertising wrong! She sent along a photo of an ad she recently saw:

Creative advertising

AND a chicken! Of course! I suppose a guaranty of some succulent poultry would be quite the draw. I mean, these are hard economic times. Good marketing needs to have a hook, right? Hmmm … what will we do? All ideas welcome!

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